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BLUE LOOP: CHARLES GOODNIGHT & THE PANHANDLE  features attractions in Amarillo & Lubbock. It travels through the Plains Trail Region. Here lies some of the greatest geographical drama of the high plains, where erosion has carved spectacular canyon landscapes. Travel through this region, home to Charles Goodnight (the inspirational figure for Lonesome Dove), many Native American tribes, and one of the last settled areas in Texas.


YELLOW LOOP: FROM FORT WORTH TO THE FRONTIER FORTS. The yellow loop feature attractions in Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Abilene. It travels through the Lakes, Forts, and Plains Trail Regions. Apache and Comanche tribes once roamed this land, followed by Spanish explorers, cowboys on the free range, and finally, homesteaders seeking opportunity in a new place. The stories of the land and the people are the history of this region- and the true stories of the west.


RED LOOP: HORSE COUNTRY TO THE CONCHO VALLEY features attractions in Fort Worth, Denton, Abilene, San Angelo & Granbury. It travels through the Lakes & Forts Trail Regions. The frontier forts of Texas were lonely outposts in wild country. Travel the path where settlers streamed west with dreams of new opportunity and lines of forts were established to protect Texans on the advancing frontier. 


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FIND YOUR INNER COWBOY. (Or cowgirl, or Native American, or musician, or dancer, or jet pilot, or explorer, or hiker, or biker—just to name a few!) Satisfy your appetite for a taste of frontier adventure, out in the land where the West begins. 

Come experience the historic frontier of West Texas and enter the region where the cowboy heritage of the past lives on through the modern cowboy culture that still exists today. Immerse yourself in this diverse landscape that provided a homeland to Native Americans and presented a challenge to the pioneer settlers. Be inspired by the personal sagas which tell the epic story of this region as you follow the trail of adventure through West Texas.


PURPLE LOOP: HISTORIC FORTS AND THE WILD WEST features attractions in Abilene, Lubbock, Midland, and San Angelo. It travels through the Forts and Pecos Trail regions and offers a sampling of every loop. 

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GREEN LOOP: BUTTERFIELD AND BIG BEND. The Green Loop features attractions in Midland, Odessa, Fort Davis, San Angelo, and Big Bend National Park. It travels through the Pecos, Mountain, and Forts Trail Regions. Experience the natural beauty that encourages a variety of outdoor adventure from river rafting to horseback riding; witness a majestic and diverse landscape as you learn stories of the original cattle drives, the heritage of the cowboy, and Native Americans


Orange Loop: TEXAS MOUNTAINS AND BORDERLANDS features attractions in El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa, and can be combined with a New Mexico tour. It travels through the Mountain, Pecos, and Plains Trail Regions.


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