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EXPERTLY CURATED TRAVEL ITINERARIES for groups of all sizes, across the wide-open spaces and authentic places of the Texas you’ve always dreamed of exploring

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WEST TEXAS TRIP IS A COOPERATIVE PROMOTION of travel partners based in several Texas cities. We welcome you to contact any of us with questions, or for bookings or customized itineraries.


Abilene Convention and Visitor Bureau

Tiffany Nichols

Toll-free: 800.727.7704 •


Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau

Braley Hand

Direct: 806.342.2012 

Toll-free: 800.692.1338 •


Visit Big Bend
Robert Alvarez
Direct: 432.837.3915 


Denton Convention and Visitor Bureau

Dana Lodge

Direct: 940.382.7895


Destination El Paso
Direct: 951.228.2053 •


Fort Worth Convention and Visitor Bureau

Estela Martinez-Stuart

Toll-free: 800.433.5747 •

Visit Lubbock

Tory Davis

Direct: 806.723.8240 •


Visit Midland

Lyndsey White
432.683.3381 • toll-free 800.624.6435 •


Discover Odessa

Monica Tschauner

Direct: 432.333.7871 •


Discover San Angelo 

Suzanna Aguirre

Direct: 325.655.4136 •


Texas Forts Trail Region

Tammy Virden

Direct: 325.660.6774 • 


Texas Lakes Trail Region

Jill Campbell Jordan

Direct: 817.559.2288 •


Texas Mountain Trail

Wendy Little

Direct: 432.294.4312, •


Texas Pecos Trail

Melissa Hagins

Direct: 432.262.1927 •


Texas Plains Trail

Allison Kendrick


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