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West Texas: Where are we and who are we?


START IN FORT WORTH, the city famously described as “Where the West Begins,” and draw a line diagonally down toward the Rio Grande, and there you have it. The vast, colorful expanse of West Texas, a landscape encompassing the dramatic canyons of the Panhandle; the flat expanse of the Great Plains and the cotton fields of the Rolling Plains; woods and rivers and lakes; high desert, grand mountains; the Mexican border.


WE’RE THE TEXAS OF YOUR IMAGINATION — wide-open, Wild West skies, dramatic sunsets, cowboys and Indians, the open road. But we’re also tall cities, neon lights, great eats and drinks, world-class art and music, and a history that's the stuff legends are made of.


WE INVITE YOU to come see for yourself. Visit the websites of our key cities — then give us a call and bring your group to see us in person.


WEST TEXAS TRIP IS A COOPERATIVE PROMOTION of travel partners based in several Texas cities. We welcome you to contact any of us with questions, or for bookings or customized itineraries.




Big Bend


El Paso

Fort Davis

Fort Worth





San Angelo

The Texas Heritage Trail Regions


UNIQUE AMONG AMERICAN STATES, Texas has developed not just one heritage corridor for travelers — but ten. Winner of the national Preserve America award, the nearly fifty-year-old Texas Heritage Trails Program invites visitors to experience the real places that tell the state’s real stories.


Complementing the resources of our cities’ convention and visitor bureaus, the Heritage Trails Region staff and volunteers can assist you in planning a memorable experience all along your route. Five of the regions serve West Texas.


Texas Forts Trail Region

Texas Lakes Trail Region

Texas Mountain Trail

Texas Pecos Trail

Texas Plains Trail

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